Chocolate Photos

...with chocolate syrup!
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
...with chocolate syrup!

This is another shot from Saturday, for those of you who like a little chocolate syrup!

Apparently there is some debate about the spelling of the word "Caramel." My wife found a few arguments online for Carmel (Just in writing this I spelled it both ways, that is why the question came up.) But, Carmel does not seem to hold up in the dictionaries. And there was one particularly snotty person somewhere telling about his wife the English PHD who had never heard of a word "Carmel." Perhaps it's not English, but they should look into the names of a few cities and mountain ranges. And my favorite, north of here near the city of Carmel there is a river called the Carmel river. If that doesn't sound like a place right out if Willy-Wonka's factory you need to work on your imagination!

I can only think of what my favorite TV Chef would say... No matter how you spell it, its "Good Eats!"