Geranium maderense Photos

Purple Geranium Flowers
Sunday, May 13, 2007
Purple Geranium Flowers

Geranium maderense Full PlantThis looks like a field of purple flowers. But they are actually all on the same plant. This is the top of a "Geranium maderense" it is a wild plant that has big leaves on long stems with a large spherical inflorescence of these beautiful purple flowers (as you can see at the right).

The plant is a biennial, the first year you only see the interesting leaves. The flowers (and resulting seeds) come the second year. After that the plant usually dies. Fortunately, it re-seeds easily and can even have pups come up from the roots.

Unfortunately this guy was not for sale, he was just the display plant. But I did bring home his little brother. :-D This, and a VERY cool Ginkgo bonsai tree are the reasons I waited to get yesterday's cactus at the succulent show!